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High Quality Turf & Save Water On Grass

As you get your water bill every month in Oakdale, Oakley, Tracy, CA, or another part of our area, it's easy to have sticker shock! Since California's water resources are limited, bills can shoot up quickly, especially during the times of the year that you need to water your lawn regularly. When bills keep rising, it is challenging to keep your family on a budget. You may, therefore, be searching for ways to save water on grass. You don't want to have grass that's brown and dying, so not watering your current grass anymore isn't an option. However, at Artificial Grass NorCal, we encourage our potential customers to think outside of the box. High-quality turf is becoming a more popular option every year in our area, and our team is here to help you decide whether or not this option could work for your yard too. 


When some homeowners in Tracy, CA think about putting turf in their yard, the idea sounds like a long shot at first. After all, many people just think of sports arenas when they think of turf. However, the turf offered by Artificial Grass NorCal is definitely not going to make your yard look like a sporting area! Instead, we only offer high-quality turf that amazingly looks like real grass. Our high-quality turf is also soft and comfortable, so you can send your young kids out into the yard barefoot without worrying about how it feels on their delicate feet. Pets also love the feel of our artificial grass, and you'll love how easy it is to save water on grass when you have a maintenance free yard! 


Learn more by visiting our website at, You can also contact Artificial Grass NorCal to request a complimentary consultation with one of our professionals.

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